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Our Story

Drew & Jessica Shockley

Drew and Jessica Shockley traveled from Evansville, IN to Haiti in February 2017 with a vision clinic team working with Convoy of Hope.  While they were there, they met Denis Atis.  He shared with them his story and Jessica recalls that during the conversation, Denis asked Drew if he ever thought they would move to Haiti to be missionaries.  While they didn't feel they were called to make that move, they did feel like God was telling them they needed to get connected to this county in some way.  The entire week, they had been told that there are many Haitians that have big dreams for their country but they just need someone to come beside them and help get it going.  With this just being the Shockleys first trip to Haiti, they certainly didn't know any Haitians on a personal level but they agreed that would be the best way to serve the country.  Then they met Denis.  After they returned to the states, they connected with Denis on Facebook and stayed in touch through messenger and Facebook calls.  In April, Denis shared with them his vision of collecting gently used backpacks from the states and distributing them to kids in Haiti.  He informed them that he had some other contacts in Kansas, Illinois, Florida and Virginia that he would reach out to and wanted to know if Drew and Jessica would help as well.  Within a week, they told him yes and by August 2017 over 500 backpacks had been donated in Evansville alone.  The first official PAC Haiti Backpacks of Hope distribution was September 2017.  Drew and Jessica returned from that trip knowing this is where the Lord wanted them to serve.  They filed the paperwork and officially became a non-profit organization in October 2017 and received 501c3 approval April 2019. 

Denis Atis

Lance and Heidi Feikert have a heart for serving and a heart for Haiti so when they met Denis on a trip in early 2017, they instantly connected and wanted to learn more about him.  Denis shared with them his dream of collecting backpacks and a few months after they returned home, the Feikerts and the Shockleys connect via phone and discussed what the next steps should be.  They all agreed to do what they could to make this dream a reality.

Josué, Lance, Fransnel and Heidi 

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