Backpacks of

H       P E

for Haiti

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September 2017
March 2018

Denis Atis grew up in Haiti and knows first hand what it is like to be a child raised in poverty.  He and his siblings had one backpack between the 5 of them and this made it difficult to keep their school work protected in the harsh elements.  It was his vision to collect gently used or new backpacks in America and distribute them to the children in Haiti.   


By giving to this project, you will help children in Haiti succeed in school.  Many children in Haiti do not get the chance for an education and those who do, usually do not have backpacks to carry books and supplies. Extreme heat, sweat, dust, rain, and long walks to school tend to ruin books and notebooks very quickly.  This has a huge impact on the children's school performance, causing many of them to fail and continues the cycle of being trapped in poverty.

PAC-Haiti had their first Backpacks of Hope for Haiti distribution in September of 2017.  We collect year round but our main drive is May through September.  We take gently used backpacks(zippers work, no holes, etc.) or new backpacks.  Since 2017, we have been blessed to be able to send down 3,000 backpacks to give to children in need.  If you would like to become a PAC Partner and help us collect, please 

March 2018
February 2019

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